About Me

Ashleigh - Owner/Trainer

Ashleigh came from a 12 year career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician. She also co-founded Everything Grey Greyhound Haven, a 501c3 adoption organization for retired racing greyhounds. It was during this time that a greyhound with severe separation anxiety needed professional help. Through chance, another founder got in touch with Christine Schnitzer and Toni Martinez of Tail to Tail Training for help and that's when Ashleigh experienced the type of behavior rehab training she offers today.

"The work they did was truly life changing for that dog, and me, and I had to learn more."

For 2 years, she mentored with Christine and Toni learning and working with puppies needing basics to difficult behavior cases. She eventually made her way to California to a Lucas Agnew Workshop led by Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew, both experts in dog psychology and behavior. It's at these workshops that trainers come to learn how to problem solve and create strategies for difficult dogs. She learned so much she makes them an annual learning experience, always bringing home new knowledge. 

Some of her favorite cases to work with are fear and aggression cases.

Ashleigh is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Ashleigh is a mom and a wife and her daughter and husband are often found helping with client dogs because when your dog stays with her, it's treated like family!